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Tanuki for Android

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Tanuki is an Android App written in Flutter/Dart using the Gitlab API.
At the moment it is neither published to the PlayStore, nor is the Github Repository public, although I plan to do both in the future.
It follows Googles Material You Theme to blentd in with all the other Google apps.
At the moment it is still in its early development stages.


I was looking for a new project and my brother pointed out to me, that there is a very limited amount of apps that let you manage your GitLab.
We both started working on our own version of the app, his written in Swift for the AppStore, mine written in Flutter for GooglePlay.



Coming soon™


  • Refinement

    Patching and expanding the app to a state where it can be used efficiently and looks good.

  • 🎉 Release

    Releasing the app to the PlayStore.

  • Development

    Building a release-worthy app.

  • Initial commit

    Project creation and repository initialization.