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Cookbook is my Android App written in Flutter/Dart with Pocketbase as backend. It holds all my recipes since I like to cook.
At the moment it is neither published to the PlayStore, nor is the Github Repository public.
The current version completely follows googles Material You theme.


I started making this app in late 2019 - early 2020, because I wanted to learn making apps. After trying and not liking React and ReactNative I ultimatly settled on Googles Flutter-Framework which seemed promising and fun. Dart, the language Flutter uses, also is very fun to use.

Since I've been working on this project for about 3 years, I of course encountered some major roadbumps.
I have been learning Flutter along the way, so my knowledge of how the project should be structured and certain things should be handeled was very limited at the beginning. That led to multiple instances where I had to scrap almost the entire codebase and build the project anew, because refactoring was just not a viable option anymore.

Another challenge to overcome was finding a suitable backend for the application.
I stared out using Firebase, since it was easy to use and provided a lot of functionality from the get go.
However, I also wanted to undestand what APIs where and how they worked, so I decided to code my own backend. I chose MongoDB as a database and coded the API in JavaScript. The backend was then hosted on my personal Linux server, through which I came in contact with Linux for the first time.

All this ultimately brings me to the current iteration of the app. Given my knowledge about Flutter I am pretty pleased with the project at the moment, but more changes are sure to come. I always try to keep an open mind regarding the projects structure and coding rules, to always adapt to better standards.


The App lets you look through all my recipes. Search them or just browse different categories. You can mark recipes as favourites and add ingedients to a shoppinglist.
And if you want to even add your own to the collection.


Coming soon™